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An updated web page, showcasing what makes empress touch music.

  • Jean Michel Jarre

Like this masterpiece: Equinoxe Or this: Magnetic Fields Or possibly his best single: Chronologie IV Or if you're just after an introduction, the: Images compilation

Whatever you may think of Vangelis or Jan Hammer,
Jean Michel Jarre is the world's first and only synthesizer superstar, and rightly so.
To have created such organic masterpieces with the technology available in the 1970s s just magical...

  • Depeche Mode

Mode at their brilliant best
If you'd ever wish to see a studio album performed live in it's entirety, surely Songs Of Faith And Devotion is one Any better
protest albums
Construction Time Again?
Brought to
live music heaven:

Dedicated, dynamic and widely influential.

  • Simple Minds

Though the 1991
Real Life
album runs Songs Of Faith
And Devotion

very close
in its' intirety
New Gold Dream
'81 '82 '83 '84
Another classic
album, with
euphoric songs
Theme For
Great Cities
(arguably) Moby's
finest production
Climaxing with
the classic
The Floating World

Many Depeche fans' second-favourite band, for just as many reasons...

  • a-ha

An all-time
classic album
A sadly overlooked classic, with some exceptionally euphoric songs A heavyweight best-of -
possibly one
of the best ever
And a textbook
extended version

My third-favourite band, with (arguably) the greatest male voice ever recorded.

  • Talk Talk

My favourite Talk Talk album, with a euphoric climax Effortless class. Yet another monster compilation Subtle classic rock at its' very best

Another criminally-overlooked band, let down only by their extended mixes.

  • New Order

Another monster
compilation, the
Confused Instrumental
showcases Arthur
's remixing
Probably their
best album
An interesting
tribute CD
(No weblink)
Proving they
can still deliver

A very good band who've been given some outstanding remixes over it's career.

  • Duran Duran

Encapsulating the Roxy influences Japan hinted at. A superb way to right wrongs.
A moment of sheer genius too:
"I know the answer, but I'm asking you the question...".
Some things you just don't lose. The fear of 'fear': combatted with music and class.

The band who just ooze with class.

  • Some classic compilations...

Some brilliant 12" single mixes in this series of CD compilations, retro:active2 being the best
(No weblink)
A timeless classic, Nick Magnus and Chris Cozens' The Synthesizer Album is an outstanding recreation of contemporary instrumental electronic masterpieces
(No weblink)
And one of the best compilations to date of comtemporary music, moods brings together tracks that virtually no label would dare release today, as well as some popular favourites (Crockett's Theme, Orinoco Flow and Chariots Of Fire)
(No weblink)
The best of the Ministry Of Sound's
mix sets;
this one mixed
by Judge Jules
in 2004
(No weblink)
And another 2004 gem, this time courtesy of one-half of
Black Strobe:
Ivan Smagghe
(No weblink)

  • And some more recent talent to emerge...

Worth the price of the CD alone, Example's 2011 smash hit Changed The Way You Kissed Me is a monster! Proving that electronic music and a live drummer has a place in quality music, Pendulum's 2010 Immersion is also a monster, with some very catchy songs And 2011 again, Michael Cassette proving you really can interpret Crockett's Theme in a dance-electronic genre

Please remember to click on the images and sleeves - NOT the text.

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